Packaging Machine Operator

Posted: 03/22/2020

Operates machine that performs one or more packaging functions such as filling, labeling, packing, or wrapping containers and/or responsible for operating and maintaining the mogul equipment by performing the following duties.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
Adheres to all Good Manufacturing Practices. Conducts assigned work in a safe manner and adheres to all company safety methods. Checks production schedule to determine variety and quantity of products to produce or cook. Conducts visual quality checks on colors, flavors, weight, and appearance. Conducts changeovers. Ensures packaging material (i.e., film, cartons, boxes, etc.,) meets specifications and meets company quality standards. Feeds product to conveyors, hoppers, scales, or other feeding devices. Inspects filled container to ensure that product is packaged according to specifications. Performs minor adjustments or repairs and/or clears away damaged product containers. Mounts supplies on spindles or places supplies in hopper or other feeding devices. Knows and understands capabilities of equipment as well as standards and proper set points (i.e., metal detectors, check weights, Ishida scales, etc.). Operates touch screen to program code date, product weight, etc. Positions product in cups, scales, etc., to ensure the product is packaged accordingly. Replenishes packaging supplies such as plastic wrap, boxes, cartons, labels, etc. Starts machine and observes operation to detect malfunctions of machine. Record reasons for down time and effectively communicates them. Stops machine and reports malfunction to supervisor if applicable as well as records information pertaining to equipment down time, machine performance, product, on daily equipment report. Back-up to Machine Operator in his/her absence: Machine Operator