Maintenance Apprentice

Posted: 10/27/2019

As an entry level Maintenance Apprentice you will work directly under the supervision of a Qualified Experienced Maintenance Leadman installing and repairing electrical systems, hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic components for industrial machinery and equipment. The maintenance apprentice position is responsible for performing highly diversified duties to install, troubleshoot, repair and maintain production and facility equipment according to safety, predictive and productive maintenance systems and processes to support the achievement of the site’s business goals and objectives. Employee will perform maintenance on equipment such as overhead cranes, bandsaws, coldsaws, hydraulic packaging tables and mobile equipment.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTION STATEMENTS – Essential responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assist in diagnosing problems, replacing and repairing parts, test and make adjustments
  • Develop and track repairs through reports and work orders
  • Maintain repair log of completed maintenance
  • Assist in providing emergency/unscheduled repairs of production equipment during production and performs scheduled maintenance repairs
  • Assist in disassembling broken or defective equipment to facilitate repair and reassembling equipment when repairs are complete
  • Assist in installing or replacing machinery, equipment, and new or replacement parts using applicable tools
  • Examining and testing machinery, equipment, components, and parts for defects to ensure proper functionality
  • Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Mechanical Systems
  • Overhead crane, side loader, and forklift
  • Trouble shooting and diagnosing equipment issues
  • Reading schematics, electrical and hydraulic
  • Safety equipment needed to perform work safely
  • Lock out – Tag out, crane and mobile equipment safety
  • Knowledge of computer programs for running equipment
  • Required measurement equipment
  • Intermittent loud noise from trucks, cranes, and shifting tubes
  • Fumes from semi-trucks and machinery
  • Warehouse environment
  • Ability to work on ladders, roofs, and on overhead cranes
  • Ability to stand for 8 hours or more
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.