CNC Machinist Trainee

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Job Description
Program, set-up, operate and edit programs on EDM Wire Machines to form precision metal parts and components utilizing appropriate shop equipment in a timely and efficient manner with minimal supervision.

Job Requirements: 
1. Ability to use a assigned machinery and equipment.
2. Read and understand Blue Prints and Piece Prints.   
3. Basic shop math skills including trigonometry.
4. Understand and use a variety of measuring equipment (calipers, micrometers, bore gauges, etc.) 
5. Write, edit and use CNC computer programs and control panels.
6. Understand machining properties of various raw materials
7. Good communication skills including the ability to receive and give oral and written instruction.  
1. Twisting, bending, and leaning frequently during the workday.
2. Ability to lift, hold and carry 50 pounds frequently during the workday.
3. Ability to work in a shop environment – continuous exposure to loud noises, dust, solvents, coolants and oils.
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